Church Leadership


Pastor Michael (Mike) E Davis

Pastor Davis is a true man of God.  His duties include teaching, preaching, prayer, biblical counseling, and Pastoral Staff supervision.  He understands his ministry as stemming from the concepts outlined in Ephesians 4:11-16.  He believes he is accomplishing God’s purpose for his life as believers develop a closer relationship with Jesus, a deeper love for His Word, and a greater desire to honor Him with their lives and with their testimony.  


Pastor Davis’ life verse is 2nd Corinthians 4:5.   He writes, “I am convinced that the greatest need each believer has, outside of their relationship with Christ, is to serve him by ministering to others.  When each of us surrenders to our new nature as bond slaves of our Lord Jesus Christ, and engages passionately in his command to “Love one another”, and “…preach the gospel to every creature”, then we are fulfilling the purpose to which He has called us, and for which He has saved us.”


If we meet and you forget me, you may have lost nothing; but if you meet Jesus Christ and forget him you have lost everything!


Randy Cobb - Minister of Music

As the Minister of Music, Randy Cobb is responsible for conducting and organizing of the church’s praise team, children’s choir and adult choir.  His duties also include teaching and preaching when called upon.  He is responsible to God in spiritual leadership; responsible to the Pastor in supplying appropriate music for all worship services; responsible to the congregation by leading them into true worship of God.  He believes in involving as many people as possible in the ministry of music.  He further believes that God called him into the ministry to be a servant, and this is what he tries to do in his duties; serve others through the love of God.

Deacon Charles Sweat - Chairman

Deacon John Gamble

Deacon Tony Morgan

Deacon Raymond Platt

Deacon Danny Dingman